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Mr. Zhao Qizheng Was Invited to Jilin University and Made a Lecture
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      At the invitation of Jilin University, the dean of the School of Journalism and Communication, RUC, the former director of the State Council Information Office, the member of the 11th standing committee of the CPPCC, the director of the foreign affairs committee, Mr. Zhao Qizheng visited Jilin University on the afternoon of October 19th and made a lecture to the teachers and students in our school. Li Yuanyuan, the president of JLU met them with a warm welcome. And they had a heated discussion about the current international situation, the development of China's public diplomacy, public diplomacy’s function in the B&R and the cultivation of talents of public diplomacy, etc. President Li praised Mr. Zhao highly for his outstanding contribution to China public diplomacy and expected he could provide more guidance and help to the School of International and Public Affairs, JLU. Mr. Zhao expected the SIPA of JLU would play an advanced and exemplary role in public diplomacy research and talent training, etc, as the first school of public diplomacy in China. The executive deputy president Chen Gang, the deputy secretary and vice president Wang Lifeng, the assistant principal and the dean of SIPA, Liu Debin attended the meeting.


      In the evening, Mr. Zhao made a lecture entitled as “ The redefinition of public diplomacy ” for the teachers and students in our school, which was hosted by Dean Liu. Mr. Zhao redefined the connotation of public diplomacy according to the development of public diplomacy. He emphasized that the main participant of public diplomacy is not only the government, and it also includes the public, enterprise, university and foundation. And public diplomacy is not only a measure to improve the country’s reputation and image, but also a new international communication to comply with the change of international relations. The fundamental purpose of public diplomacy is to win other people's understanding and trust. Mr. Zhao as well pointed that launching public diplomacy project needs to overtake 4 obstacles including language, life styles, religion and ideology. Public diplomacy is an art of communication and the way to impress the audiences and answer their questions to tell a good story clearly. Mr. Zhao stated some principles by using one fascinating stories after another. The whole lecture has made some profound theories easy to understand with full of witty words and the atmosphere was warm with continuous applause. Mr. Zhao also had active interaction and answered some students’ questions patiently after the lecture. More than 200 teachers and students from School of International and Public Affairs, College of the humanities, School of Public Administration, Northeast Asian Studies College, School of Law and some science and engineering colleges attended the lecture.

      Recent years, Mr Zhao Qizheng was active in theory and practice of China’s public diplomacy. During the time that Mr. Zhao served as the director of the State Council Information Office of China in 1998-2005, he put forward that the task of external communication is “Presentation of China to the World”, which promoted the development of Chinese government news spokesperson system. When he took the position of the director of external affairs committee of CPPCC, he tried his best to advocate the concept of public diplomacy and promoted many places to establish public diplomacy associations. He is indeed the leader of China’s public diplomacy.

(SIPA Press Corp  Translated by Wu Zirui)

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