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Appreciation Letter to Ministry of Commerce of China
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      Recently, a master of Nigeria called Eugenia Chinenye Ndukwo who studied in the School of International and Public Affairs sent a letter of appreciation. She thanked for the scholarship provided by the Ministry of Commerce of China to help her to achieve the dream of study abroad and thanked for the high-class teaching condition and living environment. In the letter, she said that she was fortunate to study in Jilin University and she would study hard for excellent results.

      Entrusted by the Minister of commerce and the Minister of education, we started to undertake the foreign diploma project in September 2014.The lessons are all in English, and we have cultivated 88 masters from 30 countries including Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana, Moldova and Bahamas. There are 40 students studying in school at present.

      After students’ register, the leaders of the School of International and Public Affairs organized the teachers and staff to hold a meet-and-greet with students, in which they learnt every member about their situation including occupation, personal characteristic and expectation in study. We adjusted the training scheme according to students’ need. We arrange the high-class teachers to undertake the work of teaching and thesis guidance, a part of them are from America, Germany, Korea and India. To learn the situation of China better and develop the emotion of “learn China, friendly to China, love China”, we organize the Chinese language course and the compulsory course< >and organize members to social research activity. So students can apperceive China and learn local customs and practices.


(SIPA Press Corp  Translated by Liu Qianyu)

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