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      To spread Chinese culture better and inspire the interest of local students and citizen to China, the Confucius Institute which was established by Jilin University and Kansas State University held a series activities , and the theme is about Chinese culture.

The first activity---culture of food

      On 30th September, the Confucius Institute and the Chinese culture association of Kansas State University held the activity of making dumpling in Jardine center.

      Besides students and teachers, there are many local community residents took part in the activity including more than 60 members. As the youngest participant, Nicholas is 4 years old who is from Columbia.

      The activity also included bun-making. The Chinese culture association president, Mary Abounabhan went to Shanghai and learnt the process of making meat bun this year, she said ,”I think meat bun is very delicious, I want to introduce it to more Americans. ”

      The participants not only tasted the dumplings made by themselves, they also learnt the culture about dumplings history from Yang Yiqiu

The second activity---the art of scissor-cut

      To introduce Chinese traditional culture to more people, the Kansas State University Confucius Institute held the scissor-cut in Seaton Hall.

      They chose the typical Chinese patterns, such as double happiness, peony and butterfly.

      Natasha and her son Syoma who were from Russia, are interested in scissor-cut very much. Natasha said:”Syoma thew himself into scissor-cut which built up his manipulative ability and was a great parents-children campaign.”

      Sara Thurston, the director of Kansas State University International Exchange Service Center, took part in the activity with his 10-year-old child Frida. She said, “I am amazed at my final work, which is better than my imagination. And I am also proud of Frida’s creation.”

      Shan Nannan, an overseas Chinese student studying for a doctor’s degree in Kansas State University, took part in the activity of scissor-cut. She said, ”It can enrich my attainment and I can introduce Chinese culture to my friends by the works”


The third activity--- China Town Hall

      Kansas State University Confucius Institute and National Committee on US-China Relations(NCUSCR)held the forum ”China Town Hall”. The forum consists of two parts. The first is a network video conference. The second is an East Asian languages and culture lecture of Doctor HUI FAYE XIAO. Henry Alfred Kissinger, the guest of the network video conference, was the 1973 Nobel Prize winner. As President Nixon’s special envoy, he visited China and played a historic effort to China and America. For years, he concerned and support the development of US-China relations and he had good relationships with the China leaders.

      With the background of Chinese marriage reform after “Reform and Opening”, Doctor HUI FAYE XIAO illustrated the impact of Chinese economy development on the marriage from two fields, the new marriage practice and gender policy. The lecture presented Chinese family and marriage situation today, so that the American students and teachers realized the status and change in Chinese society recently.

      Lu Xiangxing, the president of Kansas State University Confucius Institute, hosted the seminar.


(SIPA Press Corp  Translated by Liu Qianyu)

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