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Chair of University Council Yang Zhenbin Attended the Opening Ceremony of the Training Class of the Chinese Teachers to Thailand
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    On March 12th, the opening ceremony of the Jilin university training class of the 2015 Hanban Chinese teachers to Thailand was held in the academic hall. Chair of University Council Yang Zhenbin presented the class flag and gave a report to the trainees. School of International and Public Affairs, the Center of International Exchange Service and the School of International Language Education took part in this ceremony,which was presided over by Vice President Chen Gang.

    At the ceremony, the Jilin university trainee Li Yang, Bohai university trainee Yang Lang and the School of International Language teacher Li Dongmei made statements respectively. All the trainees took an oath as volunteers. Chen Gang spoke highly on their spirit. Yang Zhenbin gave a report with the theme of “How to Understand Confucius Institute and Cultural Expansion and how to Improve the National Awareness and show the Charm of Chinese”. Yang Zhenbin introduced the development situation and great achievement of Chinese education career and emphasized the importance of the Confucius Institute for international communication. He told the trainees the importance of respect and politeness. And he also urged trainees to remember their responsibilities, keep firm believes and remain safety, hoping they can get success and happiness.

    This training is Jilin University’s 22th mission as the northeast base of Hanban international Chinese education and the training base of Jilin University international Chinese teachers. Until now, Jilin University has trained Chinese teachers and volunteers over 3200 people. This training sums to 98 people and will last 40 days, including Chinese basic knowledge, Chinese teaching ability, intercultural communication ability, Chinese background and culture, Chinese talents, minority languages classes and so on.





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