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The School of International and Public Affairs Holds the Interdisciplinary Forum of One Belt and One Road Strategy with China’s Public Diplomacy
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      The School of International and Public Affairs held the interdisciplinary forum of one belt and one road strategy with China’s Public Affairs in the academic hall of our faculty on 1st August, 2015. There were more than 30 experts and scholar from Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shanxi, Sinkiang, Heilongjiang, Jilin and some other places. They major in diplomacy, history, economics and other subjects respectively. Vice President Chen Gang met the NPC Standing Committee and professor of Capital Normal University Liu Xincheng, director of Institute of Chinese Borderland Studies, CASS Prof. Xing Guangcheng, director of Collaborative Innovation Center of South China Sea Studies in Nanjing University Prof. Zhu Feng, secretary general of The Charhar Institute Researcher Ke Yinbin and other participants. This forum was hold by our faculty dean Prof. Liu Debin.

      Liu Xincheng, Xing Guangcheng, Zhu Feng and Li Xiao were invited to give lectures first. Prof. Liu Xincheng talked about one belt and one road strategy and think tank construction. He thought this strategy brings new request and challenges to China’s national issues studies and he raised three suggestions to think tank construction of one belt and one road. Prof. Xing Guangcheng expressed his view about one belt and on road strategy with China’s borderland security, stabilization and development. He thought this strategy must cause conflict with the strategies of America, Russia, India and other great powers. Prof. Zhu Feng emphasized the problems of China’s public diplomacy and ocean rights protection. He thought one belt and one road strategy was a big commercial expansion charged by the government, it must bring the deep revolution of China’s relation with the world and China’s social force should get involved. Prof. Li Xiao pointed the change of China’s geopolitics environment in history, and this strategy would rebuild China’s geopolitics environment. And then the forum discoursed three themes, they were “One Belt and One Road Strategy with China’s Surrounding Situation”, “One Belt and One Road Strategy with China’s Public diplomacy” and “One Belt and One Road Strategy in Historical Angle” respectively.

      All the participants felt that they could widen their view from the interdisciplinary talks, shared information from different domain and they hoped the forum like this could last. Prof. Liu Debin made the closing statements, he pointed that one belt and one road was the national strategy, the essential challenge was coordination of China’s style with the countries’ economy, politics and social institution along the line. In the process, the most important was to win people’s understanding and approval of our cooperative countries. So China’s diplomacy also had a long way to go.

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