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The Splendid Basketball Game between Two Schools —— SIPA Hosted the Basketball Match of Friendship between Schools
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      April 17th, the basketball game of friendship hosted by SIPA began at the gym of Jichuyuan. The players were from SIPA and the school of philosophy&social science.


      At the beginning of the game, the players from SIPA first got into the condition of competition, got the points by a few shoots, and acquired the superiority. Nonetheless, the players from the school of philosophy&social science never gave up, they attacked hardly to keep up with SIPA. During the game, the players spared no efforts, the audience were also very active, they cheered and for the players, and there was an heated atmosphere. At the end of the game, the players from SIPA broke the enemy’s defense and seized the opportunity, won the game by 40 to 34 points. After the game, the representative of SIPA awarded the players from both sides, the two-sides players shook hands, which manifested the spirit of “first is the friendship, second is the result of game”.

      The purpose of this game of friendship was providing a platform to show his/herself, enhancing the communication between schools. We hereby hope you can join collective activities more positively, enhancing the solidarity of the school meanwhile building our bodies.

 (Journalist of SIPA Press Corp Zhang Aijia    translated by Yang Haoyuan)

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