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“Our 1919”Activity of Watching Movie
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      On the May 6th  afternoon, the League branch of SIPA held an activity to watch movie, which theme was “our 1919”. Teachers and students watched the movie, which background was Paris Congress. They were impressed by the mien and proud of diplomat Gu Weijun and the adamant of Wu Si students.



      Before the activity, the League branch secretary of first grade concisely introduced the life of MR.Gu Weijun and the background of the movie. He set a quiz and award section, encouraged the students to learn about that history. Afterwards, the movie started. During watching the movie, students were concentrated, and the mood was also got up and down with the plot of the movie. The delegate of China which was represented by MR.GU had fought for China, they were angry, they were disappointed by the western countries. Those were fully showed in the movie. Furthermore, students were all moved by the passion, patriotism, the devotion spirit of the Wu Si students. Meanwhile, people from all over the world hated wars, which was also showed in the movie, letting us aware of the how valuable the peace is and how evil the wars are. After the movie, the League branch secretary made a conclusion, enhancing the sense of duty for a student. This movie watching activity definitely gave students a heart-quake, and worked out as anticipation. It let us know, the history is written by man, nonetheless not everyone can leave his name on it, history may forget your name, but your deed and spirit will come down for good! If you don’t take action, our nation will suffer!


     (Journalist of SIPA Press Corp Zhang Heng, Bai Peiqing    translated by Yang Haoyuan)

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