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Full of Youth, Full of Attraction ----SIPA Attended NO.55 Athlete Meeting of Jinlin University
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      May 20th ,the NO.55 athlete meeting of  Jilin University officially began. The athlete meeting’s aim was motivating students to go out from dormitories to the outside, bathing the sunshine. The athlete meeting took the form of competition, fully motivated the passion of students to go out and doing sports. During the 2-days athlete meeting, the players from SIPA showed brilliant sporting condition and noble spirit, fully showed the capability and character of SIPA.




      In the various main parts of the athlete meeting, the players from SIPA were strict of themselves, exhibited a proper athlete spirit. In the man’s 5000 meters event, although the players from SIPA didn’t get any prize, but they insisted to accomplish the whole competition by their durance and strong will, winning the applause and cheers form the audience. In the event”Shi Dai Lei Che”, the players from SIPA managed to run as one single person, but with ten people’s strength, eventually, they obtain the 4th prize of the team as a reward of their efforts in practicing. The 800 meters relay race for both teachers and students was a spot in the athlete meeting. During the competition, the players from SIPA cooperated perfectly, although they didn’t get the first prize, they achieved the breakthrough of themselves. Furthermore, in the opening ceremony, the team of SIPA was distinct because of the combination of foreign and Chinese students. The catchword was fusing with Chinese and English, the flags were abundant, and the uniforms were orderly, which impressed the audience to a great extent.

(Journalist of SIPA Press Corp Zhang Heng    translated by Yang Haoyuan)

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