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Release Pressure, Regain Happy!
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      October 12th, sponsored by Together which is a students society of SIPA, “Game of Emptiness” carried out successfully in Jilin University.

       “Game of Emptiness” attracted the active participation through different activities such as playing invisible guitar, writing down numbers, separating beans and so on. Through this activity, students from different schools released their pressure and had fun. Chinese and foreign students completed the game together, which promoted the cultural communication between Chinese and foreign students and provided a relaxed and pleasant platform for them.

      In the process of preparing “Game  of Emptiness”,teachers and students of SIPA and members of Together are devoted themselves in it,which laid the foundation for the success of the activity.

      Hope Together can create more interesting and attractive activities for students and make our life more colorful.


(Journalist of SIPA Press Corp Zhu Xiling, translated by Huang Dingyao)

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