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Green field, Who can lead the match?—— SIPA took part in the Jilin University futsal games
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      In the morning of October the 15th, Jilin University futsal game was held in Jilin University. Our school was assigned to group C#4,at the first ground and we would fight against group C#5,the college of chemistry.

      The college of chemistry as a college of science has tremendous strength and is in good condition. Our school, as a young team competed for the first time, used the two sophomores and three freshmen. And our cooperation is slightly insufficient.


      Game in the first half, college of chemistry fielded on top of the situation, through the coordination and the player's personal strength, scored 3 goals.

      On the contrary, our school, relying on the team cooperation , pulled a goal back.

      The first half of the game ended up with 3-1.

      In the second half, our school player Chu Xiaopeng used midfield foul ball scoring opportunity. Then a player of college of chemical team, relying on strong personal ability, across three people, scored easily. As the referee's final whistle, the final score is 4-2.We regretted losing to college of chemistry, stopped at the first round.

      As our first race, our 5 players in the game all showed a high morale and enterprising spirit.

      After the game, the opponent college of chemistry clapped for our team's performance.

      This game strengthened the interaction between schools, and enriched the experience of participating. At the same time, they enhanced the collective centripetal force and cohesion.

      We are looking forward to their next game of the boys of SIPA ! 


Goalkeeper: Wang Ziye;

Defender: Chen Boru;

Midfielders: ChuXiaoPeng, Wang Huizhi;

Forward: Lin Li.


(Journalist of SIPA Press Corp Chu Xiaopeng

Translated by Zhan Tianyi)

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