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The Way of the BRICs



The Way of the BRICs

Chief Editor: Liu Debin, Written by Wang Wenqi, Sun Xing jie

Changchun Press, the 2010 Edition

 China: the Peaceful Rising Chinese Long: China once the center of the world, while it gradually lost her leading position due to the wrong policy of isolating from the rest of the world and became weaker than the other western capitalistic countries. The reason is exactly valuable for us to study and discuss. Finally the policy of reforming and opening up helped China go out of the weak position, economy gradually developed and the whole country went on a hard way of renaissance. Whether China can breakthrough to only be one of the BRICs to be a real big country depends on whether she can properly solve the problems in the development.

RussiaQuietly Recovering Polar Bear:the vast geography and the abundant oil helped Russia’s development of economy; the competition with America in military and industry encouraged Russia to become a real big country in diplomacy. But it can not be ignored that Russia also has its own problems. That is to say, it is not easy for Russia to realize its Russian dream.

India: Ongoing Giant Elephant: India, a country with various religions rose up in decades. It’s necessary to study its mysteries. The caste system and modern democracy, the broken empire and federal public, the development of colonial rule and information business, all these may become the key to make India rise up to a real big country.  

Brazil: Trippingly Dancing Samba: Since the conquest of Portuguese, Brazil, as a mysterious country, gradually went to maturity. The enthusiastic samba, the outstanding football skill, the lush rainforest and the huge prairies, all these are the cultural treasures which were produced in the hundreds of years of Brazil history and are still attractive to people all over the world. No matter tradition or modern, democracy or autarchy, introversion or extroversion, Brazil has still risen up harmoniously.  

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